Who We Are

Our attention is drawn to what you say. The fact that you are communicating with our team is the most important. Then we apply our technical expertise to turn your ideas into a completely functional product. That is how we have created solution-oriented systems for various business models. Furthermore, Decodermind uses cutting-edge requirement engineering practices to assist businesses in determining what they require.

What We Do

Decodermind is a cloud native best quality custom software development company. We specialize in custom web portal development,
mobile app development, blockchain development and cloud services consulting.

Our Philosophy

It is our obligation as a technology solutions provider to relieve the client of any technology and operational concerns. Clients should be able to concentrate entirely on expanding their business and consumer base. Our main goal is client success; all strategies we suggest and implement should prioritise our customers' best interests.

Our Mission.

We attempt to motivate you to perform better. To assist you in thinking differently. To come up with new and imaginative solutions to your most difficult business problems. We focus on delivering value early and regularly in a fast changing world. We help our clients protect and enhance their market advantage by leveraging new and developing technology.

How We Work.

Scrum as a project management method is our preferred approach. We believe that having a transparent work approach and engaging customers at every level of the project is critical to project success.

CEO's Message

Since our inception, we've successfully built a reputation of trust, reliability and of delivering exceptional services. We are progressively diversifying into new markets with our battle-hardened methodologies. Every day, we work to empower our customers to get the maximum out of technology. We challenge, we innovate and we continue to deepen our knowledge expertise to realize the best value for our customers. We do this through a culture that cultivates a relationship-based approach to helping people and businesses be successful.

Our Team

Our Team Members

Ahmed Salman
CEO & Founder
Jamal Khalid
President Customer Relationship
Muhammad Haris
VP Engineer